Toy Room
Whether it’s the story of cindrella, red riding hood or snowhite, children love to take fantasy trips and get lost in a dream world. Our pre-primary students love to unwind in the vibrantly designed toy room. Activities like storytelling, scribbling, playing with board games, jumbles, building blocks, jigsaws, clay modeling etc.

Outdoor Play Area
The pre- primary students bask in the sun while swaying through colourful outdoor swings, slides, trampolene, merry go round, sand pit, splash pool etc.. Outdoor magic shows, puppet shows, storytelling is also organized in the play area.

Technology Enabled Classroom for Better E- Learning
Technology based learning is a part of the classroom on daily basis. Videos, websites, presentations form the backbone of lesson plans designed by the teachers.

Music and Dance Studio
Children’s personality is incomplete without a creative and constructive involvement in music and dance. The music dance room is well equipped with Indian and Western musical instruments. The children are encouraged to give expression to their talent through chorus singing, poem recitation, solo singing etc. Modern Dance forms & aerobics are also promoted in this environment.

Art and Craft Studio
It enables children to give a play to their imagination. We train the artistic instinct of our students by nurturing their inbred talent of painting, drawing, creating sculptures through paper machie , pottery & ceramics.

Junior Infotech Centre
E- learning is the way of life at the Presidency School. Through the state-of-the-art centre, integration of computer skills has been done in the main stream of curriculum. All students are compulsorily given computer training and are prompted to explore various websites for educational resource material to develop research skills in our students.

Junior Library
From early days, the young children learn to play with books and engage in a habit of reading at the library to continue their lifelong journey of learning. The library has over 3000 titles. It’s a home to various magazines, journals and a wide collection of audio-video CD’s offering intellectual enhancement to both teachers & students alike.

Science Labs
The Science labs have been designed to cater to the inquisitiveness of young minds towards research & innovation. The labs are well stocked with latest devices & experimental kits to meet the requirements of all students.

Maths Lab
Teaching- Learning of Mathematics is made easy & interesting by using Math lan equipement using play-way method as well as logical inference techniques. Audio- visual aids provide a more conducive environment for teaching maths to the students

Language Lab
The school has a well laid out language lab for learning various foreign languages through CD’s & books.

Dining Spaces
Nutritious & healthy meals are served in a neat and hygienic environment. The pantry is maintained to the highest standards, providing tasty, varied and wholesome vegetarian meals and refreshments. The students develop a habit of enjoying consumption of all kinds of fruits & vegetable. Pre- primary students are taught table manners & the art of laying the table through this process.

Medical Facilities
The school has a self sufficient infirmary where adequate medical supervision is provided to our students. Medical records are diligently maintained to report progress to the parents.

Counseling Centre
Assistance to our students is provided by a well qualified counselor during school hours to trouble shoot stress, lack of confidence, peer pressure, learning inabilities etc.