chairmanThe remarkable growth and positive energy of the youth is a great source of joy and hope for everyone. The foundation of Presidency School has been laid down in Ajmer with the vision of fostering and raising our young successors. Nothing is more pleasant to me than to witness our Presidency family tree grow more lush & luxuriant firmly rooted with good wishes & blessings of well wishers.

The year 2011 was a profoundly significant one, marking the first milestone in our endeavour to forge students with wisdom, courage, compassion & vitality. We envision our students to reach out to society and share their convictions and beliefs with others through personal interaction and dialogue.

Seeds have been sown to mark a new beginning. Blessings of our respected acharyas and my parents are my constant inspiration. Sincerity and deep commitment of my family towards this endeavour gives me a heartening feeling of reassurance.

I rejoice wholeheartedly, thinking of the lifelong nurturing that we are set out to provide to your child hereon. We believe in providing initiatives & innovations that will create the right platform where simple achievements of your child will transform into unique triumphs.

Mr. Gajendra Singh Singhvi