• Caring

    We identify and cater to the needs of all children. They in turn learn to develop empathy towards each other. A sense of caring that promotes the development of good behaviour and manners.

  • Creativity

    Children have many opportunities to express themselves as well as they are encouraged to stimulate their creative imagination that helps them to develop a further awareness of themselves.

  • Challenge

    We have set a target for achieving high personal standards that urges the children to strive towards perfection, in academics and sports. Challenge is the key to foster enquiring minds that want to know more.

  • Community

    We value parents as partners in education and encourage them as well as the community in general to take part in the everyday school life wherever possible. This support and involvement will enhance the learning process.

  • Consistency

    As the school grows, evolves and flourishes, our determination to be true to our aim, mission and vision remains steadfast.

  • Contribution

    All those who are closely related to the school and work tirelessly for its growth will be valued and recognized for their outstanding work.

  • Communication

    We will have transparency in our working methods and easy accessibility giving Presidency School, a firm foundation. Every one closely related to the school, will have an equal opportunity for consultation and information.