Our Logo and motto

Our beautifully designed logo signifies a crowned golden eagle, spreading its wings into the universe while firmly holding on to the school philosophy & value system.
The eagle is symbolic of a high flyer that possesses vision & confidence gained in an endearing environment.
The leaves in the background signify the constant growth and nurturing that causes the bird to soar higher scaling new heights.
Our logo is designed in vibrant school colours yellow, blue and red signifying wisdom, glory and passion.
These colours will always remind us to cultivate wisdom, to burn with passion and to construct eternal happiness while seeking a glorious future

Our Motto

Reverence for Learning

Reverence means a feeling or attitude of profound awe and respect.

The highest reverence has always been accorded to learning and the relationship of teacher & the pupil.
The eldest is respected in his house, the headman in his village; a king is respected in his country, but the learned everywhere.
We embrace this value system & dedicate our motto towards this eternal philosophy.