Our Core Team


Mr. Gajendra Singh Singhvi

The remarkable growth and positive energy of the youth is a great source of joy and hope for everyone. The foundation of Presidency School has been laid down in Ajmer with the vision of fostering and raising our young successors. Nothing is more pleasant to me than to witness our Presidency family tree grow more lush & luxuriant firmly rooted with good wishes & blessings of well wishers.

The year 2011 was a profoundly significant one, marking the first milestone in our endeavour to forge students with wisdom, courage, compassion & vitality. We envision our students to reach out to society and share their convictions and beliefs with others through personal interaction and dialogue.

Seeds have been sown to mark a new beginning. Blessings of our respected acharyas and my parents are my constant inspiration. Sincerity and deep commitment of my family towards this endeavour gives me a heartening feeling of reassurance.

I rejoice wholeheartedly, thinking of the lifelong nurturing that we are set out to provide to your child hereon. We believe in providing initiatives & innovations that will create the right platform where simple achievements of your child will transform into unique triumphs.

Gajendra Singh Singhvi Chairman - Presidency School
Garima Singhvi Director - Presidency School


Garima Singhvi

Development of human values should be the ultimate goal of education. Education, is what remains long after the content of each specific lesson, we were taught has been forgotten. The essence of education is character formation; teaching young pupil how to live in society and encouraging them to think independently.

Genuine goal of education must be the lifelong happiness of those who learn.Education should in stil a sense of belonging & commitment to the community, to the nation and the world. Every young person has the power within him or her to change the world. It is the role of those who teach to believe in that power, to encourage and release it.

This tenet is the driving force of Presidency school since the day of its foundation. A contributive way of life is based on an awareness of the interdependent nature of our lives- of the relationships that link us to others and our environment. A way of life in which we actively strive to realize happiness both for ourselves and for others.


Mrs. Anjala Sharma

Our students are a reflection of our own dreams and actions.

Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. had once said, “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for future instead it is a lifelong pursuit towards wisdom & moral values.

At Presidency School, we aspire to create an atmosphere of reverence for learning. Our School philosophy is driven by the thought of overall well being of each student. Students must feel secure, intrigued, enthused, engaged & empowered leading to a great feeling of being happy & confident.

Creating & sustaining a joyful learning experience for students, teachers, parents & community is the main endeavor of our educational institution.

Wish you all a very fulfilling experience at Presidency School, Ajmer

Anjala Sharma Principal - Presidency School