Why do you restrict the number of children in each class?

To ensure each child gets the maximum possible attention. At Presidency school ajmer, we practice ‘Differentiated Instruction’, which means your child’s unique needs are taken care of in a way that suits him or her, and this is only possible if the Teacher-Student ratio is optimum.

Which classes do you give admission for?

Any grade with a seat. Our aim is to limit the number of children in each class to 32.

Where can I find information regarding Admission Procedures?

Check out our admissions page. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

What is your policy on withdrawal?

Parents must inform the school one month in advance if they wish to withdraw their child from the school.

Campus and Facilities

What sports facilities do you have at Presidency school ajmer ?

The space has been designed to provide ample opportunities for our children to play. For older classes, we offer football, basketball and cricket for both boys and girls. The Presidency school ajmer girls and boys football teams play at the state level. We have professional coaches for all of the mentioned sports.

What happens if a child gets injured on campus?

Presidency school ajmer has standard first aid facilities. For emergencies Apollo hospital is 10 mins away.

Do you have a library at Presidency school ajmer?

Presidency school ajmer has a well-stocked library that has reference books for all subjects and ages, a full-fledged Graded Reading program that supplements a child’s growth at every stage, and a healthy mix of fiction and non-fiction

Can I visit the campus and see the teachers?

Of course! The campus tour is conducted by students during school hours so please contact school reception and let her know when you’ll be visiting.


What is your tuition policy?

Since the school follows a progressive and sophisticated methodology, external tuition and coaching classes are not advised. In the event you would like to send your child for external classes on any subject, we strongly urge you to discuss it with the school in advance.

What is the Teacher-Student ratio at Presidency school ajmer?

Presidency school ajmer strives to maintain a ratio of 1 teacher for every 12 students (1:12).

What are the school timings?

The school works 5 days a week. Timings for each keystage are:

Do I have to drop my child to school everyday?

The entire Presidency school ajmer staff and children share the same transport. Buses ply major drop off and pick up points, both within a couple of kilometers of your residence.