We at Presidency school ajmer-The International School gives utmost importance to the student security.

Technology We at Presidency school believe in Security of our students, for which we have taken adequate measures like installation of CCTV cameras in the school and in the buses. we also ensure to check our drivers at the Presidency School everyday with breath analyzers.

Transport Safety and security is not limited to the school ​premises only, along with the CCTV cameras, safety grills are also provided on both sides of the bus to ensure the safety of the students

Employee Background: We ensure thorough and complete background check of all the employees who are employed at the Presidency school. Background check is not limited to drivers and cleaners only, however it is done for our Teachers as well.

Safety Drills: its rightly said that it is better to be safe then to be sorry. Regular safety drills are held in the school to train the students and the teachers preparing them for all kinds of emergencies.

Physical Security & Access Control: All schools are deployed with trained guards from a reputed private security agency for effective physical security and access control of all schools to ensure that our students are safe at all times.